Three Ways To Reduce Chances Of Water Damage During A Storm

A storm, whether it's a run-of-the-mill winter storm, a summer thunderstorm, or even a hurricane, can cause water damage to your home and necessitate water damage restoration services. In some cases, though, you can prevent this damage by taking some time and energy to help boost your house's resistance to the winds. rain, and flying debris that can be involved with strong storms. Here are three ways to reduce your chances of accruing water damage in your home during a storm. [Read More]

3 Maintenance Tasks That Will Help You Avoid Water Damage In Flash Floods

In some areas of the country, spring weather means flash flooding when the rains come in. This can be a serious problem if your home has poor drainage and maintenance. With a little maintenance, you can protect your home from serious water damage problems. If you want to avoid problems with the waters start rising this spring, here are some tips that may help:  1. Cleaning Weeds And Drainage Systems Around Your Home [Read More]

Making Your Home Flood Proof

Approximately 90 percent of all natural disasters that have been declared in the United States have had to do with flooding. 2015 has already seen some severe floods occurring in states such as California and Texas and as the effects of the El Nino weather system become more widespread; these floods are expected to continue even into the winter months. While the federal government offers some insurance protection against flooding, it might pay to be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to preparing for flooding and reducing flood damages. [Read More]

Four Places Black Mold Can Be Taking Over In Areas You Didn't Expect

Black mold is a hazardous fungus growth that is often associated with water damage. You do not have to have your home flooded to have a black mold problem. Anywhere there is moisture is where mold can grow. When this happens without your knowledge, it can be a real danger to your health. Here are some places that black mold may be hiding and how to know if there is a problem: [Read More]