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Four Places Black Mold Can Be Taking Over In Areas You Didn't Expect

Black mold is a hazardous fungus growth that is often associated with water damage. You do not have to have your home flooded to have a black mold problem. Anywhere there is moisture is where mold can grow. When this happens without your knowledge, it can be a real danger to your health. Here are some places that black mold may be hiding and how to know if there is a problem:

1. Leaking Pipes That Go Unnoticed And Cause Mold

With the many different plumbing pipes in your home, you may have a small leak and not even no it. As the water builds up and is absorbed by building materials, this creates a perfect habitat for mold to grow. Try to keep areas like under sinks dry and take note of any changes in your plumbing. If you have a mold problem due to plumbing, make sure to have repairs done to your plumbing too.

2. Humidity Problems That Can Cause Moisture Buildup And Mold

In some areas of your home, mold can grow do to the moisture content in the air. Places like crawl spaces and basements can have high humidity, which can lead to condensation and mold. To prevent this, consider using a dehumidifier in these areas. You may want to seal areas like crawl spaces to limit humidity and condensation.

3. Hidden Mold Deep In The Ducts Of Your Home HVAC System

There is another area where mold can be hidden deep inside your home. HVAC ducts are a place where condensation can form as you cool or heat your home. This can be a place where you may not look, but could be blowing mold spores throughout your home. Have your ducts cleaned regularly and consider adding insulation to ducts to protect them. In addition, repair any damaged ductwork when needed.

4. Carpet Containing Moisture That Causes Mold

Carpet can be another area that harbors mold and fungus. This is usually due to other problems like flooding, but can be caused by condensation in areas like basements. To prevent this, clean carpets quickly when they have been flooded. If it is sewage damage, do not clean the carpet and throw it directly in the trash. For the basement, consider other flooring options besides carpet.

Finding out if you have a mold problem can be essential in getting the mold removal done before it leads to costly repairs. If you need help getting rid of the fungus in your home, contact a black mold removal service (such as American Flood and Fire) to get the job done.